Anjali Menon Reply to Prathap Pothan പ്രതാപ് പോത്തന് അഞ്ജലി മേനോന്റെ മറുപടി

The Malayalam film Love in Angengo, had grabbed headlines when Prathap Pothen first announced his fiirst venture with Anjali Menon and Dulquer Salman. But, since last week, there were reports that Pratap Pothen has withdrawn from the project, over disagreements about the script. According to Prathap Pothen, he waited for one year for the script and the final output was disappointing. He wanted an intense love story, Anjali's script couldn't live up to his expectations. So I decided to drop the project and is planning to do a Tamil film. Although scriptwriter Anjali Menon has not officially responded to these criticisms, talking to a media, she said, I don't think I should dignify slander with a response. Earlier, the director also had fallout with the cinematographer of the project, Rajiv Menon. Reportedly, Rajiv insulted Prathap Pothen by asking to direct a short film and prove his talent, before directing the movie.